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Amicable Debt Recovery at Transcash

Did you complete the shipment and did not receive payment? Your contractor is delaying payment or avoiding contact. Don't waste any more time on unsuccessful calls and call the case for recovery. At the amicable settlement stage, we primarily offer the debtor support in debt repayment, such as concluding a settlement or repayment of debt in installments. We pay special attention to maintaining a professional relationship - for us, the debtor is primarily your business partner. We recover 87% of reported receivables at the amicable stage, because we are the only ones who have solutions and sanctions effective against companies from the TSL industry.

Debt recovery calculator

Just answer a few questions

1. Currency

2. Gross invoice amount

3. Invoice due date

The presented calculations are for information purposes only and do not constitute an offer within the meaning of art. 66 of the Civil Code. The final amount of the commission may differ from the given one, as it is calculated on the basis of the analysis of the documents received.

Commission for effective debt collection

EUR 124.5

Remember! You will pay the commission only on the recovered amount of debt, not on the amount reported for recovery.

How does it work?

You create a free account in the Customer Service Dashboard and sign the debt collection contract online.
You submit an overdue invoice online.
Remember to attach a note for compensation for recovery costs.
We collect the debt, and you follow our activities on an ongoing basis in the Dashboard.
After successful collection, we will issue a commission invoice to your company. We calculate the commission only on the settled debt amount.

Scan/copy of the transport invoice or accounting note
Scan/copy of the International Consignment Note (CMR)
Scan/copy of the transport order
Scan/copy of the confirmation of sending documents

What are the benefits from using amicable debt recovery at Transcash?

We use effective sanctions against debtors from the TSL industry
You only pay for success and we will not charge you any fixed or additional fees
100% online service
We employ experts with knowledge of transport law, including international law

Common questions

Do I have to sign a contract to use Transcash debt collection?

Yes, so that we can start debt collection activities for your company, we must sign a contract for the provision of debt collection services. You can sign the contract conveniently online via the Customer Service Dashboard. Signing the contract does not involve any fees, nor does it oblige you to use our services on a regular basis.