Who are we?

In transcash we care for the financial safety of companies in the transport industry. We have been active for 13 years and have succeeded in helping our clients effectively collect their overdue payments. As of 2016, we also assist in financing invoices. Our start was modest, with only a small group of people forming the Department of Financial Risks in Trans.eu Group S.A. In 2012, a growing interest in our services prompted us to commence a separate company offering Transinkasso debt recovery services. The creation of the Transfactor brand has been a great compliment to us, thanks to its factoring services. Since 2017, we have been providing both services under the company name Transcash.eu S.A. In 2019 we made the decision to merge the Transinkasso and Transfactor brands, and thus form the transcash brand.
Since the very beginning, our focus has been on the transport industry: we are well familiar with its issues and standing regulations, which places us as one of the few companies on the market with sufficient knowledge and expertise in the field of payment habits and high effectiveness in debt recovery. We are fully aware of the severity of the loss of financial fluidity, which is why we seek complex and efficient solutions: from investigating the credibility of contractors, financing invoices and monitoring payments, to amicable debt recovery and judicial recovery.

Highly qualified and committed Team

13 years on the market

Great expertise in the TSL industry

People are most important in Transcash!