The factoring services are available to every TSL company registered in Poland, operating for not fewer than 6 months.

The most substantial differences between these services are:

    1. The number of invoices designated for financing:

Using Micro Factoring services you may request the financing of a single invoice for a contractor of your choice, wheras using non-recourse Factoring services you may request the financing of all invoices of your chosen contractors (one or several).

    1. Financing limits:

The financing limit of Micro Factoring services cannot exceed 50 000 PLN, wheras the financing limit of non-recourse Factoring services is negotiated individually.

    1. Origin of invoices:

Our Micro Factoring services may apply only to invoices designated for Polish contractors, while our non-recourse Factoring services may apply both to domestic and international invoices.

Shipping documents verifying the proper completion of a service are as important as the invoice itself. Sending us the shipping documents vastly furthers the decision on financing an invoice.

In the transfer title put the number of the invoice and the client’s tax identification number (NIP).

By sending application from contact form

Our employee will compose a Micro Factoring agreement for you. You will be asked to provide the following data:

  1. company name
  2. address of headquarters
  3. tax identification number
  4. identification number REGON
  5. Name and surname of representative company
  6. Names and surnames, e-mail addresses, phone numbers and TransID accounts of persons authorized to access our panel for submitting Micro Factoring invoices
  7. Bank account number, managed in PLN, to which funds will be transferred along with the name of the bank.

To finance an invoice we require the copies of following documents:

  1. invoice
  2. transport order
  3. CMR Waybill.

All documents must be attached to the application form.

Yes, but only if your contractor provides a written permission. We cannot finance such an invoice without the contractor’s permission.

Before you commission the financing of such an invoice, ask your contractor for a written permission that allows cession for your shipping order. Once you have the written permission, send us the invoice, along with the contract, shipping document and the permit.

The starting limit is 50 000 PLN and will be renewed once the contractor pays off the liability. In the case of prolonged or lasting collaboration this may change.

Send the data of the new contractor to the e-mail address
In the message include:

  1. name of the contractor’s company
  2. tax indentification number (NIP)
  3. expected limit amount for the new contractor

We will make the decision on financing on this basis.

Global cession imposes on your company the duty to transfer all debt from the selected contractor on Transcash. It means that you are obligated to submit to us all invoices issued for the company concerned by the cession of claims.

Send a message to the e-mail address with the required limit amount. We will consider the increase.

Send us a message entitled: Authorization of employee for access to the panel, to the e-mail address In the message include the data of said employee in the following format:

  1. Name and surename
  2. e-mail adress
  3. phone number
  4. TransID account

We will add an annex to the agreement and grant your employee access to the panel.

No. You are the one who decides which contractors are added to the agreement. You are, however, obligated to submit all invoices issued for the contractor in question.

We transfer funds within two business days from making a decision to finance an invoice.

The required documents are as follows:

    1. copy of the invoice
    2. copy of the shipping order
    3. copy of the shipping document

Attach all documents to the order in client’s panel.

The documents can also be sent to the e-mail address:

Yes, before commissioning debt recovery services you must enter an agreement. The draft of the agreement can be found in the documents for download section.

The price list can be found on the website dedicated to debt recovery. Actual and archived price lists can also be found in the documents for download section.

You can commission debt recovery services in two ways:

  1. via the customer service panel
  2. Through the platform -> in the top menu you select Services -> upon expanding the list select Debt Recovery.

Sadly, no. An accounting note (40 EUR) concerning due payment must be attached to the debt recovery form. Notes sent outside the order cannot be processed by us.

You can check the status of your debt recovery order by logging into the customer panel.

Logging in is done via your TransID account, created on reporting the case.

The status can be found in the Reported cases section.

The case supervisor can be found after logging into your customer panel.

Logging in is done via your TransID, which was used to report the case.

Information concerning the case supervisor can be found in the Reported cases section.

You can register a change in your data by calling the helpline: 717 333 999, or sending a message to the e-mail address:

You can cancel a debt recovery service without providing a reason. Do keep in mind, however, that depending on the stage of the service, you may be obligated to issue a payment equal to half or the entirety of the commission. Half of the commission is due if the case is still underway. Full commission is due if the debtor has declared to fully repay the debt.

In order to cancel an order send a message to the e-mail address: containting the following information:

  1. data of the Client (company name, tax identification code NIP, TransID account, Name and surname of the authorized person)
  2. number of the case you wish to cancel.

The Service Period is the time of concluding an order. The Service Period lasts 60 days as of making the order. After 60 days, you may cancel the order free of charge in the absence of regulations that state otherwise.

The documents essential for your order are as follows:

  1. copy of the VAT invoice
  2. copy of the CMR Waybill
  3. copy of the shipping order
  4. copy of the accounting note
  5. copy of the verification of sending the documents.

In the case of reporting liabilities, necessary are documents verifying the validity of the claim.

Redress of debt recovery costs is the accounting note (40 EUR). All the information can be found in the debt recovery subsection.: debt recovery.
Templates of notes in different languages ​​are available at: documents for download.

You can sum up all debts in a single currency and then file an order, or make a separate order for each debt.

The settlement of fees is done during monthly settlement periods. The invoice concerns the regulation of a part of the debt. Information about the amount can be found in the notification sent to you by e-mail.

No. The consideration resulting from realizing debt recovery services are covered by the client.

We can offer You the chance to obtain redress from the debtor under the condition that the invoice verifying your accounting note (40 EUR) is attached to your order.
More details can be found in the: debt recovery section.

In such a case it is necessary to take the account statement. You may apply a filter to the payment history in your bank account only to show your contractor and generate a transaction history. The document must be sent to the e-mail address:
Once verified, the case will be resumed and the issued invoice corrected.

Yes, in the case of settlement by deduction or compensation, commission will be added.

In the case of a premature cancellation of an order, commission may be issued in the amount of:

    1. 50% of the consideration, if the order is canceled during the Service Period, and the debtor does not declare to fully repay the debt
    2. 50% of the consideration, in the case of voluntary assignment
    3. 100% of the consideration, if the debtor regulated their debt or declared to fully or partially repay the debt.


Invoices can be downloaded from the customer panel.

After logging into the panel, in the menu on the left side of the Settlements section you will find the Dues tab for Inkasso, where you will be able to download all invoices.