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For the invoice payer

Your carrier uses factoring in Transcash? We have prepared a number of solutions for your company that will ensure control over invoices covered by the assignment of receivables, as well as facilitate and accelerate communication with us. Get to know the Payer Service Dashboard and have your payments under control.

Benefits for your company from the Payer Service Dashboard

You have order in the accounting documents

All invoices with the assignment of receivables are listed in one place with the information about the due dates. In your Dashboard, you can easily pay the invoice using a payment gateway.

You decide on the assignment of receivables

Using your Dashboard you can consent to finance the invoice of your contractor or reject it, report your comments about the invoice amount or date of payment. If you agree on the assignment, the contractor will receive the money transfer within a few seconds!

You can change a date of payment

If an invoice has an incorrect due date or you need to prolongate it, report it through the Dashboard. You can postpone the payment deadline up to 14 days - it is free of charge.

You focus on your business

You decide whom will have the access to the Dashboard, and who can decide on the assignment or pay the invoice. In case of any doubts or questions, you or your coworker can easily submit your comments. Don’t waste your time waiting on the hotline!

Try the Payer Service Dashboard! Create a free account

Option 1
If you have an account on the Trans.eu Platfrom, log in to the dashboard with your TransID and password (these are the same data you use to log in to the platform).
Log in
Option 2
If you are a new user, create a free account and log in with the data received during registration. We require registration for security reasons, because we provide financial and debt data in the Dashboard.
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Common questions

I do not consent to the assignment of receivables. Where can I report it?

If you do not agree to the assignment of receivables, please mark it in your Dashboard. Log in to your Dashboard, and select Assignment of receivables in the menu on the left. A list of invoices will appear. With those invoices waiting for your consent, you will see the "Assignment decision" button. Click it and then select the option you are interested in - “I do not agree” or “I agree”.

Remember, that your consent allows the carrier to use the money he needs to operate. A refusal may cause carrier’s financial liquidity problems

I have comments on the invoice covered by the assignment of receivables. How do I submit them?

From the list of invoices covered by the assignment of receivables, select an invoice you would like to comment on. Click the button “Report comments”, describe your problem, and then the option "Report comments" will be shown/will appear. Select it, then describe your problem and send it to us by clicking the “Report” button. If necessary, you can also attach the necessary documents.

The carrier gave me an incorrect invoice’s due date. What should I do?

On the list of invoices covered by the assignment of receivables, you can find the one with an incorrect payment date. Hover the cursor on the due date, click the “Edit” button and set the correct date. 

Attention! In your Dasbhoard you can postpone the payment date by a maximum 14 days ahead. If you want to choose a different date, report a comment and let us know what the correct date is.

After logging in to the Dasbhoard, I do not see the Assignment of receivables tab in the menu.

If the Assignment of Receivables tab does not appear, it means that you don’t have access to it. Access can be granted only by the person from your company using an Admin account. Enter the settings (click on your profile in the upper-right corner of the screen) and check who has this status. Ask the employee who is listed as the administrator to grant you the access. 

How can the Administrator grant permissions? Click on “Settings”, and next go to “Employees”. choose the employee to whom you want to grant permission. Click on “Edit” -> select the checkbox “Access to the Assignments” tab receivables and then save changes.

If there is no such person, contact the account manager from Transcash. We will help you solve the problem.