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Transcash's eSkonto is a service addressed to transport and forwarding companies.

Thanks to it, you can offer your carriers express payment for transport, without involving your own money.

We pay your carriers' invoices and we settle payments with you at the agreed due date.

How does eSkonto work?

After the transport is executed the carrier issues an invoice to your company with a long payment term.
The carrier attaches a scan of the invoice to the Customer Service Dasboard.
We pay the invoice in 15 minutes to the carrier's bank account.
You pay us back the invoice by the date agreed at the beginning of the cooperation.

What are the benefits for your company from eSkonto service?

No costs of finance
eSkonto is free for your business. We finance the invoices of your carriers, so you do not use your own funds.
Competitive advantage
With express payment, it is easier to find reliable carriers.
Partnership rules of cooperation
Together, we set a financing limit tailored to the needs of your company and a convenient payment date for invoices.
Order in documents
All invoices submitted for financing you will find in one place - in the Payer Service Dashboard. You decide which invoices of your carriers we finance.

Benefits for your carriers

Express payment
Cash in the carrier's account after 15 min. from the registration.
Attractive commission
The commission is lower than in the standard Transcash offer.
Safe cooperation
We confirm payment credibility of your company.
100% online
24/7 service, from any place and any device.

How to use it?

We set the terms of cooperation
We agree on:
- financing limit,
- the amount of commission for your carriers,
- payment date for your company.
We verify carriers
We verify carriers,
which invoices you want to finance.
We sign contracts with carriers
We sign the contracts for the invoice financing service
with your carriers.
We finance carriers invoices
We finance the invoices of carriers issued for your company, and you have access to all documents in the Customer Service Dashboard.
Kamil Nowak
Sales Team Manager

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