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Outsourcing of debt recovery

Outsourcing of debt collection is a service of debt recovery created on request and individually tailored to the needs and processes of the client. On the basis of our many years of experience in debt recovery, we will create a monitoring and recovery process for your company in line with the needs and specificity of your business.

Unique know-how, effective sanctions and a competent team of debt collection experts are key factors thanks to which you can be sure that the debt collection tailored to the needs of your company is an efficient process, an economical solution and a guarantee of maintaining professional relationships with your debtors.

Benefits for your company

Individual service
All cases reported by your company are coordinated by one debt collector, and the highest level of service is provided by an individual customer manager.
Unique know-how
Our debt collectors are experts in their field with extensive knowledge of effective debt recovery methods for the transport industry. Specialization in debt collection in one industry is reflected in the effectiveness of our services.
No onerous formalities
You can conveniently report cases for debt collection in the Customer Service Dashboard. We will ask you for documents only when it is necessary. You will be able to follow our activities in the Customer Service Dashboard on an ongoing basis.

For whom is tailor-made debt collection?

The tailor-made debt collection service or the outsourcing of debt collection processes is addressed to companies for which the standard service of recovering overdue receivables is insufficient and expect an individual approach and dedicated service, which we create "for the customer".

We recommend our services to companies:

  • from the TSL industry, primarily transport companies, forwarding companies, logistics centers,
  • offering services for the TSL industry, including leasing companies, long-term rental companies, fuel card operators, insurance companies, toll collection system operators,
  • regularly using debt collection,
  • who do not have their own debt collection department or as support for an internal department responsible for monitoring and debt collection activities,
  • who need partial support at a selected stage of the recovery process, e.g. only at the court stage.

How it works?

1. We define the needs

We start our work by identifying your company's needs regarding the service and the debt collection process. We talk about your debtors - from Poland or abroad. Do you want to continue working with them after paying the debt. How much overdue receivables do you have? If your company has an inhouse debt collection department, we determine what the current debt collection process looks like and in which areas our support is needed - whether at one selected stage or a comprehensive service from prevention to debt collection at the court and enforcement stage.

2. We design the debt collection process

After determining the expectations, we design the debt collection process that meets the defined requirements. At this stage, we determine the length of the debt collection process, collection tactics, the type of sanctions applied, the moment of their use and the scope of operation. If you focus on partner relations with the debtor, we will prepare a long-term process supporting the debtor in the repayment of liabilities (e.g. we conclude a settlement with the debtor, prepare a repayment schedule), in turn, if you expect a very quick effect, we will design a short process using hard sanctions and debt collection tactics bringing quick results

3. We implement the designed process

At this stage, on the one hand, we implement appropriate solutions in our operating systems so that the cases you report are handled in accordance with your expectations. Then, together we define the measures that we will report to your company and the communication channels so that the exchange of information between our companies runs smoothly and without disruptions. The scope and frequency of reporting, as well as the process of handling outstanding invoices, are tailored to your needs.

4. We collect, i.e. we handle your cases on an ongoing basis and we look for efficiency in the process

On the surface, we can say about this stage that we simply collect, because it is the basic task at this stage, but this is the time when the most is happening - we analyze the designed process on an ongoing basis, we implement the necessary improvements - we intensify activities, change communication to the debtor or eliminate redundant activities. From your perspective, i.e. the client, this is the stage that generates receipts for the account, from our perspective, it is a stage of continuous improvement of our processes so that the receipts on your account match the balance of cases submitted for recovery.

Scope of the service

The scope of the service is individually agreed with the client. Depending on the needs of your company, we will provide comprehensive support at every stage of the debt recovery process or professional service in a selected area

  • preventive actions
  • amicable collection at an early and late stage, including at the debtor's expense
  • debt collection with guaranteed payment
  • field debt collection
  • judicial recovery
  • bailiff enforcement

At the client's request, we also carry out non-standard activities, an example of such an action is the preparation of documentation for the prosecutor's office for criminal proceedings against the debtor / fraudster. If you need support that goes beyond the scope of our activities, please contact us, we will be happy to talk about how we can help.

Our services are available in the following countries

Creditor's country
Debtor's country
Creditor's country
Debtor's country
Whole Europe
Jakub Gwiazdowski, Deputy Director of Amicable Debt Recovery

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