Factoring in Transcash

Factoring in Transcash is a modern solution for companies in the transport industry that allows constant and systematic access to money. Long payment periods are a characteristic feature of the transport industry, where you usually have to wait between 30 and 90 days for the payment. Thanks to the factoring service, you can sell an invoice to Transcash even on the day of its issuing, and we will transfer the money to your account. We will take care of the settlement of the payment with your contractor according to the agreed payment date. Factoring will provide your company with financial liquidity and allow you to quickly have money to finance your current needs.

In Transcash, we offer two types of factoring services: micro-factoring – an ideal solution for
ad hoc financing of single invoices issued for various contractors; and full factoring thanks to which
you will finance all invoices of one or several contractors selected by you.

Micro factoring Full factoring
minimum number of invoices to be financed single invoice all invoices issued for a selected contractor (one or several)
foreign invoices no yes
financing limits in total up to PLN 50,000
with the possibility of increasing
determined individually
payment amount 100% of gross value of the invoice 100% of the gross value of the invoice minus the commission
form of settlement commission paid once at the end of the month commission reduces the amount of the deposit
minimal time of running a business activity 6 months 6 months
payment monitoring and debt recovery yes, included in the price yes, included in the price

How much does factoring cost?

We value simple solutions and clear rules, and therefore we have maximally simplified payments for the factoring service in Transcash.
This means that for the invoices financed by us in the micro-factoring service you will pay
only the commission and we will inform you about its amount before signing the contract.

Micro faktoring Full factoring
Administrative Fee none 100 pln (per month)
Granting a limit 0 pln 0 pln
Increase of the limit 0 pln 0 pln
Payment monitoring 0 pln 0 pln
Debt recovery 0 pln 0 pln
Sending a prompt note 0 pln 0 pln
Commission on the invoice 1,99% (from 1 to 30 days), slightly 74,99 pln
3,99% (from 31 to 60), slightly 74,99 pln
4,99% (over 60 days), slightly 74,99 pln
from 0,9% to 5,5%
determined individually for the entire duration of the agreement

How to finance an invoice?

Step 1


Send us the invoice with transport documents using the order form.

Step 2


You will receive a financing offer from us on the e-mail address provided. Accept it and sign the agreement.

Step 3


Check your account. You will receive cash even within 48 minutes.

Micro faktoring

Finance an invoice

Full factoring

Finance an invoice