Debt recovery in Transcash

Insight into the specifics of the transport industry and expertise in legal matters are qualities that set Transcash.eu apart from other debt collection companies. Familiarity with payment habits, transport law and legal specifics of transport contracts qualify us to provide your company with effective debt recovery services. We pay utmost attention to ensure that the relations between contractors remain professional, after all, a debtor is first and foremost your partner in business. Owing to a wide variety of executable means we are capable of utilizing mechanisms suitable for any given situation.

Amicable Debt Recovery

Amicable Debt Recovery involves a number of undertakings, the goal of which is to effectively collect overdue payments. From a variety of available solutions we select those most effective in a given situation, and effectively prompt the debtor to return their overdue payments.

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Judicial Recovery

Engagements at a judical stage are made via our very own legal firm. Our team of legal advisers for customer affairs specializes in carrying out debt recovery-related endeavors in the transport industry.

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International Debt Recovery

Experience with international regulations allows us to collect debt even outside the borders of Poland, regardless of the debtor’s place of residence. We employ multilingual experts proficient with national and international regulations.

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Additional services

rekompensata kosztow

Compensation for recovery costs

By commissioning our debt recovery services you gain the right to demand redress from your debtor equal to 40 EUR. This ensures that the debtor will wholly or partially cover the expenses related to overdue payments.

Send the invoice to your debtor via registered mail.
When the payment deadline is crossed send the debit note and demand for payment to the debtor’s address.
Commission debt recovery services for the unpaid invoice and the debit note due to compensation for debt recovery services.

The model of the 40 EUR debit note and the call for compensation can be found in the Documents for download subsection.

Documents for download

Free-of-charge preventive stamp

We offer our clients a dedicated preventive stamp: an effective tool with which to better the payment discipline of your contractors. By placing the stamp on your invoices you signal to your business partners that you value professional and honest business relations. The electronic version is completely free of charge. You may also make an order for a physical version. A physical version of the stamp may be obtained for 0 PLN if your order for debt recovery services relates to a case concerning at least 2000 PLN, otherwise a sum of 50 PLN net will be added to your bill.

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Debt exchange

Debt exchange in the transport industry is an exceptional opportunity for the purchase and sale of debt. It is the only source of information on overdue payments in the industry. Our clients automatically gain free access to debt exchange.

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How much does debt recovery cost

Amicable Debt Recovery – pricelist

(applies from 01.05.2021 r.)

Days after due dateSuccess fee
Up to 30 days10% of cleared amount, not less than 10 eur net
From 31 up to 60 days12% of cleared amount, not less than 10 eur net
Over 60 days14% of cleared amount, not less than 10 eur net

Archived price lists can be found in the documents for download section Documents for download

Given amounts consist of the net pay and do not include VAT. Commission will be added to the cleared amount.

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